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What are credits?

Credit Value

Credits are currency. All image download prices are indicated in credits.

Credits can be used for 365 days from the date of purchase, so you’ve got plenty of time to select the images you need.


Purchasing Credits

The minimum credit purchase is 1 credits.

To purchase credits, you'll need an account on

There are payment methods available: Paypal



Are memberships free?

Yes, memberships on are free - and it takes just 60 seconds to sign up. Join right now!




What is stock photos?
Stock photos is available photos that design professionals can select, purchase and use for commercial purposes. Stock photos differs from assignment photography because it is not custom made to a person's specifications. However, stock photos retain the professional quality that is often associated with assignment photography.

Why use photography when you design?
As a creative professional, you know the right image can make or break your design project. Photography, in particular stock photos offers creative professionals a useful, affordable and stylish way to enhance their design work. If you're a designer looking for professional quality photographs that are quickly available and feature a diverse selection of subject matters and styles, then Pixachi Images's stock photos might be the best option for you.

What types of professionals use stock photos?
All kinds of design professionals who rely on quality, convenience, choice and affordability of their images all use stock photos. This typically includes graphic designers, freelancers, art buyers, corporations, non-profit organizations and publishing companies. Practically anyone who is involved in any level of design will see the significant advantages of using stock images, as well as Pixachi as their ultimate provider of stock!

What are the benefits of using stock photos?
Selection and quality. With stock photographs at Pixachi, you'll be able to select many high quality images from our vast collection. Today more than ever, people are using stock photos. Stock photos offers many benefits to designers such as diversity, choice and convenience. And with stock photos, you'll find professional quality and unique photos.

What is royalty free stock photos?
It's stock photos that is licensed for unlimited usage after purchase. Once you purchase royalty-free stock photos, you can use and re-use their royalty free photos and CDs for as many different projects and clients as you wish without paying further licensing fees. "Royalty free" is actually a misnomer since royalty free stock photos is not "free". Rather, royalty free photos and CDs must first be purchased before any usage is permitted.

What are Credits?
Credits are basically tokens redeemable for images. Our credit packages start at $15 and they can be purchased online. For every image that you download, a set number of credits will be deducted from your account, according to the image resolution. You may download as many images as you like, each download costs one to three or more Download Credits (depending on the size and resolution of the image).

How do I purchase single images?

Our credit system allows you to pre-purchase a package of credits online and redeem them for images. Each image costs between 1 and 5 credits and credit(s) will be deducted from your account for every download depending on the file type and image resolution.

What are the Payment options?
Currently you pay directly into our officially designated Bank Accounts this would be made available to you as a registered member. We are currently reviewing other payment options and as soon as they are available you would be notified.

What is DPI?
It is used when referring to the resolution of a screen or printer. DPI stands for "dots per inch"

What is the resolution?
It is number of dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI) for a specific image, image scanner, or image reproduction device (printer)

What is image resolution?
It refers to the sharpness and clarity of an image; measured in dots per inch (DPI)

What is printer resolution?
It refers to the detail at which a printer will reproduce an image; measured in dots per inch (DPI)

What is image size?
It is the physical dimensions of an image.

What is pixel?
It is the smallest single point in an image.

What is RGB?
It is a color model or profile used when storing an image digitally. RGB stands for "red, green, blue"

What is thumbnail?
It is a smaller version of an image file; used like a digital slide

What is light box?
It is an online area for compiling images to be viewed or e-mailed later.